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GUVERA is a digital music and entertainment company focused on becoming the market leader in the ad funded and subscription music sector.

GUVERA was conceived in response to the mass consumption of illegal music online. Its mission is to provide internet and Smartphone users with a legal way to access free music that awards royalties to the artists and record labels responsible for producing it.

GUVERA also strives to provide advertisers with a platform to engage with a captive and specific audience online.  GUVERA has secured key patents that underpin GUVERA’s advertising funded model. GUVERA has invested heavily in patents that match a brand to a specific demographic targeted consumer.

GUVERA’s strategy is to tap into the emerging markets throughout the world by signing local labels for local content for consumers, with its current focus in Asia, and specifically, densely populated, developing countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, India and China.  GUVERA is now live in 20 countries, and users have grown from 1 Million at 31 July 2014 to over 15 Million at 1 January 2016.

AMMA is the major financial backer of GUVERA where $160 Million in capital has been raised from Sophisticated Investors through the global AMMA Accounting Firm network in Australia, Asia, and the US.