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Trusted Channel

AMMA works exclusively with accounting firms, meaning clients can and will only hear about investments from AMMA via their accounting firm. This is a real point of difference for AMMA member firms and a unique opportunity for clients of the firms.

Capacity Building

Each company within the AMMA investment portfolio has a different level of business management capability when they first come on-board.  AMMA ensures that the company has the right support and will appoint an active director to the company’s board to ensure positive growth and a sustainable future.

Experienced Teams

Whether at AMMA or the companies within its portfolio, the teams are critical to success and ultimate growth. Substantial time is taken in securing key talent within the AMMA team and across the portfolio.

Global Connections

Industry experience across the executive team has enabled numerous introductions around the globe to drive international opportunities. With offices in 3 countries the AMMA network is extensive and growing.