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Point of Difference

Since inception, AMMA  has focused on opportunities within the Technology Sector, this dedicated focus was born from accountants observation that their clients seek opportunities within Tech space. As the world continues to develop its digital economy, the role of emerging technology companies, is now and increasingly more relevant than ever.

AMMA connects its Member Firms and their clients with opportunities, providing information on developments and trends. The partnership between AMMA and its Accounting Member Firms provides a unique point of difference to the firm.

AMMA provides Member Firms with the ability to differentiate their service and delivery model by connecting clients with promising opportunities such as:

  • Mobile applications across entertainment, sport, health etc.
  • Internet based businesses focused on user acquisition and growth.
  • Digital Media companies with a particular focus on advertising.

Top reasons Accounting Firms join AMMA:

  1. Opportunity to participate in the thriving tech investment sector.
  2. Diversify service offering outside of tax and compliance.
  3. Differentiate from competitors.
  4. Stay relevant with clients.